What Are Non-palletized Racking Methods

In any warehouse or storage facility space is at a premium. Many businesses use a palletized racking system in their warehouse to maximize its full potential, but for some this simply isn’t an option. Perhaps the shape and height of the building aren’t best suited to palatalized storage or maybe the products being stored are too small or delicate to be stored this way.

Non Palatlized

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Let’s take a look some other non-palliated methods of storage.

Long span shelving

This type of shelving is designed for medium to heavy loads. Because they come in a range of sizes, they can be configured to suit the specific needs of your business. A relatively cost-effective storage solution, they’re often used for residential as well as industrial purposes. Interested in this type of racking and shelving Ireland based Rack Zone offer a great range at competitive prices.

Bin racks

often used for small items, bin racks are simply storage shelves which allow for the addition of lots of small boxes, or bins. Generally, the bins are made specifically for the shelving unit so that they slide in and out easily to give instant access.

Racking and shelving

this is one of the most popular storage solutions as it comes in many guises and so can be customized to your particular needs. If you’re looking to invest in racking and shelving Ireland based Rack Zone have a wide range to choose from.

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ShelvingVertical storage

Long items can be notoriously difficult to store and so some form of vertical storage can prove a useful addition to your warehouse. This type of storage acts almost like a toast rack, allowing you to store the products in separate slots so that they remain easily accessible.

Of course, when you’re choosing the storage system for your facilities you should always consider how easy it will be for staff to access, lift and handle the products which will be stored in them. Many accidents in the workplace are caused through incorrect handling and lifting and the Health and Safety Executive provides some guidance and free tools which will help you to minimize the risks.

Depending on the size and scale of your operation, some businesses may also choose to install a conveyor system so that goods can be moved more easily between locations cutting down on the need for manual intervention.

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